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We provide Pest Control Courses, Training, Mentoring, Consultancy and Assessment services for those individuals or businesses who wish to carry out safe, responsible and effective pest management.

Pest Control Training

CQ ProTrain provides effective pest control courses and training through their suite of industry professionals sharing their knowledge gained from over 20 years experience as pest management technicians and pest management business managers. CQ ProTrain pest training programs cover all areas of pest management, held at one of our training venues or your workplace.. It can be either held at our territory or at the venue of your choice.

PC Mentoring

The CQ ProTrain Mentoring program allows our trainees to get one-on-one assistance and answers to their pest questions. Our main goal is for a mentor and a trainee to receive knowledge from each other and become better pest management technicians as a result. CQ ProTrain’s mentors are well known in the industry for ensuring professionalism in all facets of pest control technician training, amongst pest technicians and their keenness to share knowledge that will help make each technician the best they can be.

Pest Control Consultancy

CQ ProTrain is able to help ensure businesses are able to set up their procedures and equipment to ensure compliance with Federal and State Government legislations and guidelines, as well as maximising efficiencies to assist with business unit profitability. It includes pest organizational structure, policies of pest management, principal substances, conditions and specifics of their application.

PC Assessment

CQ ProTrain is able to offer not only pest control courses, but also Nationally recognised qualifications through Face to Face workshops, Recognition of Prior Learning, and Recognition of Current Competencies. Pest Assessment is intended to support consultants, pest control operators, or IPM Coordinators and assist them in understanding the whole pest management system.

Pest Control Courses

Register your interest in pest control training courses today and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Pest control courses information includes the requirements for studying each course. It is necessary to be sure that the course is what you need to reach your personal and professional goals.

CQ ProTrain offers:

  • on-site class capability for up to 10 students;
  • latest technologies and training aids;
  • off site training capabilities;
  • various pest control courses;
  • professional  trainers and teachers ready to assist you.


The National Training Package for Urban Pest Management has been reviewed and the updated package is set to be introduced in 2021.

The existing training package CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management will be superseded and replaced by CPP30119 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management.

CPP30115 was reviewed in September 2019 by a committee including pest management industry representation.

The outcome of that review is the new CPP30119 training package. This was released in September 2019 with an expected transition period from CPP30115 to CPP30119 of 12 months.

COVID19 came in to play in 2020 and as a result the government granted a longer transition time for RTOs to begin delivering training and assessment in CPP30119.

CQ ProTrain is well on the way to and plans to be implementing CPP30119 training and assessment requirements during 2021.

If you wish to see more information about the of CPP30119, then simply go to Department of Education, Skills and employment website at

The team at ProTrain has been working hard and are prepared.
We will be delivering our new programs in 2021 that will meet and potentially exceed the minimum requirements of CPP30119.

ProTrain has had a lot of contact and discussion with all levels of Pest Industry to ensure that the programs we deliver are relevant to the industry.

Unfortunately, due to the extra requirements of the updated training package, ProTrain may need to increase fees charged for training and assessment programs.

For Existing Trainees
All trainees that are currently enrolled in CPP30115 do not need to be concerned as there has been sufficient teach out time allowed to complete this. CPP30115 meets all current industry and licensing requirements.

Trainees need to complete any programs from CPP30115 within the allocated timeframe.

Trainees that do not complete the programs in the allocated timeframe will be required to transition to CPP30119, the new training package and complete additional learning and assessment requirements as required under the new training package. Additional costs may be applicable if the trainee needs to complete any extra work.

ProTrain will do it’s best to ensure that all Trainees currently working through units from CPP30115 have them completed before the need to transition arises.

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CQ Protrain - Best Pest Control Courses

CQ ProTrain is a Registered Training Organisation based in Maroochydore QLD that provides Urban Pest Management and Fumigation training, pest control courses, and consultancy services throughout Australia.

We have gradually confirmed a great reputation as a company offering efficient and proper training. Our pest control courses are designed to make you skilled and equipped with the newest methods of pest management and control. CQ ProTrain team is keen on giving you and useful practical training.

Every pest operator is required to get appropriate pest technical training and become competent in different management methods and pesticide and substances usage. ProTrain is here to let you get acquainted with the modern Integrated Pest Management techniques and also find out practical ways pesticide application, including those which are the least damaging to the environment.

We take great pride in ensuring that students leave our workshops feeling enriched and taking home the knowledge that our great trainers provide because we know that is what learning is all about.

The CQ ProTrain Pest Control Courses Team

All of the CQ ProTrain team are committed to ensuring that our clients are given the opportunity to learn from industry professionals that wish to share their knowledge and experience through pest control courses.

Bruce Dekker – Owner Manager / Trainer and Assessor

Bruce along with Bernie Dekker have owned and operated a very diverse pest management business since 1997. He has been involved hands on for 20 years within the industry and providing training and assessment services for more than 10 years. Most of all he is a firm believer of sharing knowledge so that all within an industry may benefit and work towards a safer future.

Bernie Dekker – Owner / Administration / Student support services

Bernie has been effectively coordinating business operations for 20 years and ensures our customer service experience is always outstanding.

John Field – Trainer and Assessor / Consultant

John, former owner of Fumigation Training and Consultancy Services (FTCS) and Pest Consultants (PESTC) brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in pest control training that has been gained over the last 30 years in the industry. In addition, John can provide lead audit and consulting services for government and non-government organisations.


What People Say

Far exceeded expectations and has broadened knowledge further. Learnt more than expected and have a better realisation of things never previously considered
I thought that Bruce was very knowledgeable, not just in pest control, but also about the pest industry.
Bruce was very informative regarding training package has had a career in the pest industry. Presented and delivered the training well. Thank You
Great course. Effective delivery of material that was relevant and current.
Very well presented, and highly recommend this course. Cheers
Excellent course and presentation. Completed most of the course with another company on line, however, this Bruce’s course taught me so much more. Thankyou
Did a brilliant job and assisted when questions needed answering multiple times. Very passionate and helpful with all subjects.
Makes you feel very comfortable which helps your learning. Great course and now have a much better knowledge of Timber pests
An absolute pleasure to be a student, Bruce put forward a lot of information and the way he presented it made it interesting and enjoyable. Also in the business side of things gave me a lot of ideas and ways to help improve my business. Thanks it was great
Very clear and confident instruction, very easy to follow, very good course. Would recommend this course and presenter very highly.


Pest Control Courses – We are Open to Everybody!

CQ ProTrain is a Queensland owned and based company that provides individual and business assistance to those in or wishing to enter the pest management industry. ProTrain has the ability to tailor any program of pest control courses, training or assessment to meet the needs of an individual or a larger corporate organization.
Our pest control training team is committed to assisting you to select the right pest control courses programme for you and explain any issues you might have about the courses or the experience you get.

If you have a problem with registering to our course, any doubts or technical issues, contact the CQ ProTrain team and we will help you with your inquiry.

Registered Training Organisation – RTO: 40524

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Register your interest in pest control courses QLD today and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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