About us


John Field – Trainer & Assessor / Consultant

John, former owner of Fumigation Training and Consultancy Services (FTCS) and Pest Consultants (PESTC) is highly respected in the Pest and Fumigation Industries.
John brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in pest control training and consultancy that has been gained over the last 35 years in the industry.
ProTrain is proud to be able to say that John is a valued part of our team.

Greg Hunt – Trainer & Assessor / Consultant

Greg, has been involved with developing and delivering training in the Pest management industry for many years and is highly regarded for his commitment to increasing professionalism amongst our valued clients. The ProTrain team are fortunate to have Greg, and his over 25 years of hands on industry experience, on board.

Bruce Dekker – Joint Owner Manager Trainer & Assessor / Consultant

Bruce along with his wife Bernie have been involved with the Pest management industry since the 1990s when they purchased a Direct Pest Control franchise in Biloela, Queensland and got involved with Pest Management training from the early 2000s before forming their Registered Training Organisation in 2012. Bruce has been working in most areas of Fumigation, Pest Management and Weed control and loves working with positive thinking Pest managers

CQ ProTrain – Where exceptional learning is routine

CQ ProTrain is a Registered Training Organisation Number RTO: 40524 that is a Queensland family owned business operated from Maroochydore. 

CQ Protrain provides a Great Learning Environment

With more than 100 years of combined hands on Pest Management and Fumigation experience, the team at ProTrain have acquired a broad knowledge across most facets of the pest control industry and pest  management processes.

Our team can provide proficient technical support, expert training and specialised consultancy services and training programs to meet the needs of its customers. 

Some ProTrain clients are just starting on their journey of providing General Pest, Timber Pest or Fumigation tasks with their employers or in their own business.

They come to ProTrain because they want the best trainers in the best environment.

Courses Available

Non-Timber Pest Management Skill Sets – CPPUPM3005 – CPPUPM3006 – CPPUPM3018;

Timber Pest Management Skill Sets – CPPUPM3008 – CPPUPM3010 – CPPUPM3042;

Fumigation – CPPUPM3011 – Dept of Ag (DAWE, DOA, DAFF, AQIS) AFAS training;

Preconstruction Termite Management – CPPUPM3042;

Sensitive Sites and Complex Sites Pest Management CPPUPM4003 – CPPUPM4004 – CPPUPM4005 – CPPUPM4006;

Pest Bird Management Using Avicides

Certificate III  in Urban Pest Management.


Certificate IV in Urban Pest Management


You can register your interest or check out our training calendar for more information on upcoming pest management courses.

Let CQ ProTrain tailor a training program to suit your business

Many of our customers have a well-developed business and need a more diverse range of pest control methods, ongoing support and risk mitigation services, as well as high-quality pest training courses.

ProTrain is proud to be seen as a business professional and a leader of the pest management industry. 

Our team gives you the most helpful methods and tools available in the pest control development. 

Every ProTrain customer has different requirements and we do our best to match your individual needs with our high level of service.