Complex and Sensitive Sites Pest Management Training

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Complex and Sensitive Sites Pest Management

This unit cluster specifies the skills and knowledge required to assess and advise on Integrated Pest Management options to prevent and manage cockroaches, rodents and other common pests in:

Sensitive operations – where people may be more sensitive to pesticides than the general population, for example schools, kindergartens, childcare centers, hospitals, community health centers and aged care facilities.

Complex operations – at sites where food, beverages or pharmaceuticals are handled, manufactured, produced or packaged under an external food safety and audit regime, plus

The unit cluster includes client consultation, site inspection to gather evidence and identify the nature and extent of pests and pest activity and subsequently developing a comprehensive pest management plan and cost proposal.

Units of Competency

Some States and Territories in Australia require completion of some or all of these units as a part of their licencing requirements.

  • CPPUPM4003 – Assess and advise on pest management options for sensitive operations.
  • CPPUPM4004 – Assess and advise on pest management options for complex operations.
  • CPPUPM4005 – Implement and monitor pest management plans for sensitive operations.
  • CPPUPM4006 – Implement and monitor pest management plans for complex operations.
  • Completion of these units of competency provides credit towards CPP30119 Cert III in Urban Pest Management and CPP41619 Cert IV in Urban Pest Management.

Sensitive and Complex Sites – Who Should Enrol?

These units are suitable for those using specialised knowledge to complete routine and non-routine tasks and using their own judgement to deal with predictable and sometimes unpredictable problems.

This unit requires the candidate to be a licensed pest management technician in order to undertake pest management work at sensitive or complex sites.


To qualify for entry into this Sensitive and Complex sites pest management workshop and to enable students to apply their training in an industry environment, students should be licenced pest managers or administration / sales persons that have had some exposure to carrying out pest management in a Sensitive or Complex type facility.

Prior to undertaking pest management activities in high risk or sensitive places an Activity Risk Management Plan (ARMP) must be prepared.


The undertaking of pest management activities in high risk or sensitive places can be undertaken by a licensed PMT who does not hold these competencies where the ARMP has been prepared by a PMT with these competencies and the licenced PMT is working under the general supervision of a PMT with these competencies.


This means the supervising technician must be contactable by phone while the technician is on site performing the pest management service.


You will also need a valid Unique Student Identifier, if you do not currently have a valid USI please follow this link here.

Program Delivery

This workshop style program consists of 3 components.


A.- Students will be provided with a PRE COURSE component which will require students to complete and document the following prior to attending the workshop:

  • Inspection / Assessment of the pest management status at a Sensitive or Complex type facility. (template provided)
  • A proposal for a pest management program based on the site where the inspection / assessment was carried out. (template provided)
  • Activity Risk Management Plan for the facility. (template provided)
  • Service report for a pest management program carried out at the facility (template provided)



One Day 8:00am to 4:30pm (8:30am start in Maroochydore)
Consisting of a mix of theory and practical exercises


C. – Students may be required to complete additional submissions for different facilities based on the information covered during the workshop.
Your ProTrain assessor will carry out their final review once all documents have been submitted.


Some of the areas covered in this program include

Compliant Pest Management programs

Site inspection requirements

Pest Management assessment methods

Pest Management program costings

Delivering safe and effective Pest Management programs

Monitoring and reviewing Pest Management programs

Course Completion

Candidates must complete a range of classroom tasks and practical demonstrations to gain competency in this area of specialised pest management.

You will have 12 months to complete this qualification.

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What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring:

  • Biro
  • Pencil
  • Calculator to use during the assessment
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for pest inspections including a shirt, long trousers, enclosed shoes, hat & sunscreen
  • Suitable torch for inspections

Fee in inclusive of all venue charges, practical on-site charges, consumables, presentation materials, and handouts.

Morning tea and lunch is also provided within the course fee.

Payment can be made via EFTOPS, direct deposit any time prior to workshop commencement.

ProTrain reserves the right to postpone workshops should minimum numbers not be met.

Name Date Time Location Spaces Cost
Sensitive & Complex Sites 25 March 2024 08:30 am – 04:30 pm Sands Tavern Maroochydore 6 $690.00
Sensitive & Complex Sites 27 March 2024 08:00 am – 04:30 pm Mercure Hotel Townsville 5 $690.00

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