Pest Bird Management Training


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Bruce Dekker and the team at CQ ProTrain are able to offer their clients over 80 years of practical experience in pest management.

ProTrain and Garrards working together towards a common goal

This area of pest management is directed towards the management of Pest Birds using Avicides.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment  to our industry shown by Phill Sayer and the management at Garrards, Pest Managers are now able to complete a short training workshop  aimed around Pest Bird Management.

Pest Bird Course Structure

The Pest Bird courses include 4 basic areas of Pest Bird Management using Avicides including:

  • Identification of Pest Birds
  • Legislation around Pest Bird Management.
  • Physical methods of Pest Bird Management.
  • Understanding and using Avicides for safe and effective Pest Bird Management.

Successful completion of this workshop allows candidates to have Pest Birds endorsed on their Pest Management licence.


It is currently a requirement in NSW and QLD that persons have completed a Pest Bird Management course prior to carrying out any Pest Bird Management using Avicides. 

Pest Bird Management Training – Who Should Enrol?

This course is aimed at Pest Management Technicians wishing to carry out Pest Bird Management using Avicides as a part of their business operations.

Persons carrying out physical methods of Pest Bird Management may also consider completing this workshop.

How do I Enrol?

Those seeking information about attending this program should contact the team at Garrards, specifically Phil Sayer.

Garrards are hosting, providing and co-ordinating these workshops.

Please contact Garrards Pesticides for course dates and locations