Resources and Information

This page is full of resources and useful links for students or anyone searching for more information.

QLD Health Pest Management Link – for requirements, application forms and further information

Interested in setting up a Pest Management Business in Queensland?   The link below has lots of information to detail your requirements.

Australian Government Training Website

The (TGA) website is the official register of information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses, Units of Competency and registered Training Organisations.

Training Government: TGA

QBCC – Queensland Building and Construction Commission

QBCC’s charter is to regulate the building industry, in Queensland, through the licensing of contractors, educate consumers about their rights and obligations, make contractors aware of their legal rights and responsibilities, handle disputes fairly and equitably, protect consumers against loss through statutory insurance, implement and enforce legislative reforms and where necessary prosecute persons not complying with the law.

Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority – APVMA

All new agricultural and veterinary chemical products must be registered by the APVMA before they can be supplied, distributed or sold anywhere in Australia. In addition, active constituents – the substance/s in anagvet chemical product primarily responsible for products biological or other effects – must be approved by the APVMA either before, or at the same time, that the product is being registered. (A few active constituents are exempt from APVMA approval)

Variations to the formulation of a currently registered product must also be approved, as must proposed new patterns of use and new labels. This includes changes to the current use pattern or the products claims.

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association – AEPMA

AEPMA is the recognised association and voice for the Australian Professional Pest Management Industry.

Their unique purpose and long term aspiration is:

To lead and shape policy with key stakeholders and influence and uphold professional standards of conduct and performance in the pest management industry for the benefit of members;

To be an engaged and vibrant association in the professional pest management industry;

To promote the value of professional pest management in Australia.


PestCert is an industry based, not for profit, independent accreditation program. Their aim is to improve the professionalism and reputation of Australia’s Pest Management industry…the industry working to protect public health, food and property.




DOA (previously AQIS & DAFF)  – Import Conditions Database (ICON) is the Import Conditions database for DOA and contains the Australian import conditions for more than 20,000 plant, animal, microbial, mineral and human products.