Timber Pest Management Skill Set

Timber Pest Management Skill Set

ProTrain’s workshop for Timber Pests targets the skill set of Timber Pest Management.

The workshop includes up to 3 units of competency depending on each students needs and abilities.

CPPPMT3008 – Inspect for and report on timber pests

CPPPMT3010 – Control timber pests

CPPPMT3042 – Install physical termite management systems

The workshop is designed to provide each student with the knowledge and skills to move forward in their quest to gain the minimum recommended competency required to be able to carry out Timber pest work. Candidates should be aware these workshops include full practical componenets which will need to be completed successfully.

Topics Included:

  • Timber Pest biology and control including Termites, Borers and Wood Decay Fungi
  • Australian Standards and other documents relating to Timber Pests
  • Inspection and Reporting of Timber Pests
  • Options and proposals for timber pest management (including both Non Chemical and Chemical)
  • Design and implementation of Termite monitoring programs
  • Overview of building construction methods and their relevance to Timber pest control programs
  • Client conflict resloution

Practical Component:

  • Field Trip in to the Timber Pests Environment for inspection and identification purposes
  • Multiple species sample collection and ID’s
  • A complete timber pest inspection and management design and proposal
  • Inspections of buildings at varying stages of construction

Workshop Completion:

To complete the course you are required to:

  • Attend and participate in all daily sessions.
  • Complete all theory assessments.
  • Participate in and complete all practical assessments.

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