Watch out for Khapra Beetle

26 November 2020

Australia is recognised globally as free of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium), which is a serious grain and seed storage pest in overseas countries.


As you may be aware, recently there have been interceptions of khapra beetle on imported cargo and containers at the border. Containers for the export of grain, seeds and nuts are required to be food grade standard and must be inspected and certified as being hygienic and suitable for export. However, some containers that have been imported into Australia have harboured khapra beetle beneath the flooring which may not be visibly observed during inspection.


We are also implementing urgent actions to better manage the risk of khapra beetle entering Australia via imported shipping containers and high-risk plant products. Further information on these urgent actions can be found on our webpage.


In light of the recent detections, we are looking at options to strengthen measures used for packing containerised plant export consignments that are at risk of khapra beetle. We will consult with industry to gain your input prior to a decision on any changes being implemented.


Industry involved in the preparation of containerised grains, seeds and nuts should be vigilant to any potential contamination of containers with khapra. If there is evidence of khapra the container will need to be reported to us and only used for export if treated.


Industry plays a vital role in supporting Australia’s biosecurity. It is important to keep an eye out and report potential risks, including contamination within containers, so steps can be taken to manage the risk quickly and effectively. We have developed information to raise awareness of khapra beetle and what to look out for.


If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 900 090 or via email to the Grain and Seed Exports Program (please title the subject line of the email with ‘Plant Tier 2 – Khapra urgent actions’).