ProTrain Complaints & Appeals policy

Complaints & Appeals

ProTrain strives to ensure that each student is satisfied with their learning experience and outcome.

It is anticipated that issues of concern can be resolved by meaningful and respectful communication that is encouraged by ProTrain.In the unlikely event that this is not the case, all students have access to rigorous, fair and timely complaint and appeal processes which are outlined in this section of the policy and procedures document.


ProTrain has a defined and transparent complaints and appeals process based on the principles of natural justice and fairness that will ensure student’s complaints and appeals are addressed effectively and efficiently. ProTrain’s complaints and appeals policy ensures students and clients understand their rights and the responsibilities of the RTO.


A student may lodge a complaint regarding the RTO; Third Party; Subcontractor; another student or Trainer. There is also provision for any and all interested stakeholders to make a complaint if they feel aggrieved. For example, a Trainer may lodge a complaint against a student.


A complaints procedure is available to all persons wishing to make a complaint, appeal or any other manner of objection in relation to the conduct of ProTrain. The complaints procedure will address both formal and informal complaints. All formal complaints must be submitted in writing to ProTrain management and will be heard and addressed, including a response to the aggrieved person, within five (5) working days of receipt.


ProTrain management will maintain a complaint register to document the course of action and resolution of all formal complaints. All complaints substantiated by the complaint’s procedure will be reviewed as part of the ProTrain continuous improvement procedure.